One door closes …

and another opens. Shed stalwart Rob Macaw takes down the entrance sign at the Wattleup Shed.

A new chapter begins in the history of The Cockburn Community Mens Shed. On Saturday 28th April with 16 men, two trucks and a forklift, the entire contents of the Wattleup Shed, along with the office and kitchen, were relocated to the new Shed in Cockburn Central. The move began at 8.00am, and by 3.30pm the crew were able to relax with a cold beverage in the shade of our new patio area.

One great aspect of the move is we are now surrounded by good neighbours. The assistance of the Jandakot Motor Co., Wilsons Pipe Fabrication and Classic Hire Cockburn Central helped to achieve the relocation with outstanding speed and efficiency. The only casualty recorded was the metal shop lathe which was damaged beyond repair after taking a fall while being unloaded at Sullivan Street.

To all the shed members and volunteers who donated their time and sweat on the day, thank you.

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